Monday, March 24, 2014

Life in the countryside...

I guess it's a little late to say Happy New Year… In fact, I'm a somewhat stunned to find we are midway through March. Since arriving back in New Zealand life has been a busy blur. I am happy to say it feels just right to be back, and living on the farm feels like putting on a favourite jacket that fits just so. While we are a good 20 minute drive from 'town', we are within 10 minutes walk of the beach above. On still nights you can hear the waves crashing on the beach - what a treat to have such a perfect mix of country and coast. In between unpacking all our belongings, and settling the boys into school, we have been knocking our old house into shape, with a blur of builders, plumbers and floor sanders. And to keep things extra busy we added a brand new puppy and kitten to the mix - such fun, and highly distracting. Then there's four acres of overgrown garden to chip away at, an endless supply of house guests, and with R in Auckland 3-4 days a week for work, I often feel like it's one step forward, ten steps back. So it was timely to read this post by Denise, which reminded me to make the time to pause and reflect in amongst the busy-ness.
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