Sunday, January 29, 2012


Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was a success. With R away for the next three weeks (!?!) the boys and I laid low, and mooched about the place. My week's off to a good start having spent the morning riding, with a reasonable degree of success, the most difficult horse at the stables. Whether I will be able to walk, let alone ride again tomorrow remains to be seen. And now considering what we have on in the week ahead, I think I'll be pleased when Friday rolls around. Have a great week - here's what:nots.
So much to love about this image.

This is a Snake Wardrobe - but really it could serve many a purpose...decoration, pot stand...

Beautiful, and simple pieces by Studio Nicholson.

Hand & Eye Studio's terracotta pendants.

Con Ghiacco - more goodness from Martin O'Neill.

Pantone's colour of the year - Tangerine Tango. Hard to know what I like more, the name or the colour...

Caramelised almonds blended with dark chocolate - scrumptious chocolate from Masion Bouche.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cut it out...

Traipsing through the Folio Society's website I came across Martin O'Neill's marvellous collages. Hop on over here to see more of his work, it really is quite wonderful.

Images from cut it out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I like...

...this image, and this quote...

Both found on philo:sofia.


Weather forecasts that refer to precipitation may be technically correct, but really, I think rain (as in it's raining cats and dogs) is less ambiguous, and more suited to Portland forecasts.
Image by Andrew Paynter (found via Aubrey Road).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly what:nots...

Crikey - could it possibly rain any more? After a very pretty coating of snow earlier in the week, Portland's infamous rains have returned. We are awash in sogginess - ugh! I hope you've had a pleasant weekend - ours has been quite productive but equally relaxing. The perfect weekend combination really. Here's to everyone having a jolly good week ahead (and fingers crossed it stops raining sometime soon).
Love this image, and love the look on her face - withering or nonchalant?

Very wise words found on Pinterest.

Still obsessed by Season 2 of Downtown Abbey.

Onchi Kôshirô's woodblock print Pitcher and Lemon.

A rather fetching tattersall silk scarf from Barbour.

Also from Barbour a rather nice waxed jacket (with very pretty Liberty lining). And while we're at it this hat would be inherently useful right now.

Several Circles by Kandinsky.

This quote found on here perfectly sums up my thoughts about winter.

Images from Brown Dress with White Dots, Pinterest, Vogue, MFA, Barbour, Snug Studio, Guggenheim, and Lyla and Blue.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly what:nots...

We woke this morning to snow! So very pretty + the flurries continued on and off all day. Sadly it's all gone now except for the odd patch. The past week hasn't been the best, but things are on the up + tomorrow is the boys' birthday which should be fun. So hard to believe how quickly they've grown. I can still remember when they were so very, very tiny. I hope you've had a grand week, and the week ahead is full of goodness. Here's what:nots...

Love the tee in this image.

Watery Ecstatic by Ellen Gallagher.

m-inspira's edible sugar + gelatine letters.

Musi silk dress from Matta.

Covetable goodies in Sydney's Pure and General.

Love Helena Rohner's range of hair accessories.

Lurk's natural oil fragrances. With notes of cedarwood, tuberose and sweet rose  AS 01 would have to be my pick.

Liking the eclectic mix on this mantle (minus the marionettes).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Boston + New York...

...with a bit of Vermont + New Hampshire thrown in. Vermont was pretty (even with very little snow). And the historic inn we stayed in was hilarious in a Fawlty Towers kind of way! The one day it did snow the roads were chaos and driving was pretty hairy - our one hour drive took five hours! Boston was wonderful - we stayed in the Back Bay area, and took in galleries, parks and lots of history. A day trip up the coast to Portsmouth proved worthwhile with a wintery quiet and serene views from the coastal road. Here's a few things we discovered along the way...
Tucked away in Middlebury, Vermont, is Clementine, a wonderful little shop selling lovely letterpress, antiques, art and handmade goodies.
We dined here on New Years eve and it was one of the best Italian meals I've had outside of Italy.

Boston's Museum of Fine Arts was really impressive - I could have spent days here. Their exhibition of embroideries of colonial Boston was exquisite. Another highlight was the Mapparium, an extraordinary three-story glass globe constructed in 1935.

I found this portrait in a furniture shop and just love the elegance of it.

Boston Architectural College's beautifully illustrated posters.

If you find yourself in Portsmouth, NH, and in need of coffee and cake call into Cafe Vonsolln. Yummy cakes, delicious soup + great coffee.

And after visiting Cafe Vonsolln, pop along to Gus & Ruby where you'll find all sorts of letterpress and stationery goodies.

From Boston we caught the train to New York - a great way to travel and take in the scenery. The Connecticut coast was lovely. We emerged from the chaos of Penn Station, hopped in a cab and headed off to our hotel. A quick lunch at Lucky Strike then it was off to explore one of my favourite cities. It was jolly cold with a bone-chilling wind, but we toured about taking in museums, the High Line, shopping, and lots of eating. Yummy meals were had here, here and here.
Located in Brooklyn is Greenhouse a beautifully curated shop full of eco-friendly home goods.

The freezing temperatures were a perfect excuse to stock up on chunky woollens from Rag & Bone.

We stopped into the Dinosaur Designs Nolita store. Love their Abstract 2012 collection.

Discovered With & Wessel's silky, fine merino pieces.

Took in the quirky goodies at Babel Fair.

Found these wonderful mugs by Jansen+co at Vitra.

And viewed the Maurizio Cattelan exhibition at the Guggenheim.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Back soon...

The past week has been somewhat fraught, I'm still trying to shake this nasty bug + deal with a torn brake cable on the car (frightening!). I will be back tomorrow with a few bits + pieces from our trip, plus what:nots for the week. See you then!
ps: I am thoroughly enjoying the return of Downton Abbey. As my Great Aunt was wont to say  "Do you indulge?"
Image from maybeyouwill.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly what:nots...

Happy Monday! I hope you had a marvellous weekend. Most of mine was spent tucked up in bed battling this dreadful lurgy, but it did allow me to perfect the art of napping which I highly recommend. I also managed to finish Natasha Solomons' heart-wrenching book - such wonderfully descriptive landscapes it made me want to move to the wild English coast immediately. I'm now sorting through all the bits and bobs from our trip - which I will post on in the coming week. In the meantime here's what:nots - have a wonderful week.
Love the light and tones in this Orla Kiely image.

Simple, snowy goodness.
(I think I got this from tumblr - if you know the source please let me know)

Penguin's Great Food series - stunning covers + great reads.

Hankering after this pochette from M0851.

Mikkel Vang's Flowers of the Sea.

Peahen 2010 by Sophie Corydon.

Sublime lambswool + angora blankets from Meg Cohen.

And this flocked scarf.

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