Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly what:nots...

Ever so slowly signs of spring are appearing - bulbs popping up, the occasional tree in blossom, increasing birdsong, fleeting sunshine, and of course lots of spring rain. The past week has been a funny old one (kind of slouchy and ponderous), but I did sneak out to Toro Bravo (yum) with a friend, plus rode twice which is always a good thing. I hope your week was a good one and that your weekend is going along nicely.
Comfortable yet chic clothes from Roseanna.

The PS1 wallet from Proenza Schouler.

Fab photo of Audrey Hepburn found here.

Silva Bradshaw's Leva ring.

Peace Bomb bracelets from Article 22. You can read more about them here.

Simon Ogden's lino-collages created with found objects.

A reflective observation from New Zealand writer Peter Hooper.

Dear June's oversized 100% cotton scarves - lovely.

And a really lovely movie - Brick Lane - a contemporary story of love, cultural difference, and ultimately the strength of the human spirit.


  1. i am in love with the leva ring. and i'm so happy the prints arrived safe and sound!! thank you SO MUCH for your purchase and for supporting my little shop :) xoxo.

  2. your blog is always a mini vacation for me..thank you friend. xo t


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