Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly what:nots...

Oooh only one week left...the excitement is mounting around these parts with daily checks under the tree. I have to say I've done quite the stellar job of stealth present purchasing, decoy wrapping, and whopping great fibs to keep everyone guessing. How are preparations proceeding in your part of the woods? For all my efficiency on the present front, I'm woefully behind on the Christmas card front. So much so they're destined to become New Year cards (yet again). I hope your weekend has been utterly pleasant and that the coming week is full of goodness. Thanks for stopping by - here's what:nots.
Love the simple beauty of this image.

Asteroids by Victoria Haven.

Olo's Erastus fragrance - tobacco, silver needle + oak moss.

A stunning book of photographs by Jeffrey Conley.

Love the sunglasses, the dress, and especially the moccasins.

Listening to Birdy - such a haunting voice.


  1. What a cute necklace - I like it!

  2. decoy wrapping, why have I never thought of that, brilliant! Have a wonderful holiday!

    oh, I saw this the other night, any interest in trying it?

  3. I'm enjoying these links so much. That Asteroids is tops. I too, can relate to having to do decoy wrapping and stories to not reveal a thing! I really hope your Christmas is warm, cozy and fun. Happy Christmas, Annie!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one to not finish the cards yet! I'm keeping fingers crossed that I can get to them the week between holidays and send them as new year's cards. present wrapping and cookie baking commences tonight!

  5. Hi Annie, If only I could wear that dress and look like that! Just wanted to wish you and your family a deliciously merry Christmas, and thank you for all your blog visits & wisdom this year. I look forward to following your adventures in 2012.
    Amanda xx


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