Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekly what:nots...

Here we are mid-week and our adventure begins in less than 48 hours. This is both thrilling and somewhat daunting. So much to organise and so little time. The boys and I are awash in bags, packing, and last minute bits'n pieces. By Thursday evening we shall have joined R in San Francisco where we plan to take in the sights before Friday night's long-haul (such an apt name) to New Zealand. I'm working out the best way to blog while travelling - more on than in a day or so - but in the meantime here's my last what:nots until sometime in August. 
The lovely Lara Stone. I like that this image has not been airbrushed.

Have you heard about Kinfolk? Hop over here to find out more. I love their dinner table challenge.

Beautiful ceramic pieces from Beklina.

Simple and chic pieces from Tibi Resort 2012.

Wonderful silhouette on this cover - and it sounds like it could be a good read. Do you ever buy books just because of their cover?

And these Smørrebrød look like pieces of art. I can't wait to visit Aamanns when we are in Copenhagen. (Smørrebrød and Aamanns discovered on Kitka.)

Images from Of Fashion & MaliceKinfolk, Beklina, TibiRoslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Powells, and Kitka.


  1. i'm going to miss your weekly what nots (and seeing you at riding;) while you're away. have a GREAT trip, can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. I wish you and your family a very very nice trip!!its an amazing adventure you'll live and so many memories afterwards:)
    best, elsa
    Ps: Lara Stone is really really beautiful, so natural, and smart...(i dressed her at Isabel marant 3 years ago..:))

  3. Oh i love the dale franks artwork! the first one ant the onw with grey yellow and purple are also stunning. You just want to dive in!


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