Monday, July 4, 2011

A few things...

I hope your weekend is going well and that for those of you in the States you're having a fab 4th of July. Our time in New Zealand is pretty much over - we leave early tomorrow for India! So before we head off here's a little collection of things that have caught my eye recently.
Love the light in this image - beautiful.

This sparkling riesling is described as bottled happiness - what could be better. Not to mention the packaging is utterly beautiful.

Brown Graham's simple, utilitarian bags.

A wonderful new series of paintings by Lisa Golightly.

Tiny Ruins new album Some Were Meant For Sea.

A wonderful french comedy-drama.

Laurence Fearnley's The Hut Builder - I shall be adding this to my reading list.

And The Row's clothing - simple, versatile pieces.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Wonderful choices. I will be looking into seeing that film. I hope you have a lovely time in India!

  2. aw thanks annie for the mention! hope your having a wonderful trip!

  3. What a lovely collection. Enjoy this next part of your journey.

  4. Hi Annie
    What a wonderful collection, you always come up with lists that make me loose myself for a bit of time as I click on the links.I hope all is going well for you through your travels, loving the pictures in Here, just beautiful. Thanks for your note to me, all going well although our trip to Fiji did cause me some anxious momments in relation to Jack. Lots of love

  5. have a wonderful time in india!! please post lots of photos when you return :)


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