Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly what:nots...

Crikey it's c.o.l.d - blue skies, and sunset at 4.30pm cold! Mind you there's something to be said for that time of day, just before sunset, when it gets really cold. Standing there looking at the boughs of bay and holly, thinking of hearty stews, red wine and open fires. As much as I love the sun, this has become favourite time of year. I hope you are enjoying life in your neck of the woods - here's what:nots.
The impossibly chic Emmanuelle Alt.

Love this Adire silk scarf from Anthro.

Pretty bedside table.
(I can't recall where I found this image - if you know the source please let me know)

Elegant silk bra.

(note: I suggest you sit down before clicking through and seeing the price)

Seriously wonderful cedarwood candles from Saipua.

These Ariat boots are tippy-top of my Christmas wish list.

And watching this makes me want to run away to the Scottish highlands...


  1. love this weekly roundup--as usual :)

  2. I am now convinced that you and I are twins - Symthson bag AND Ariat boots? I want both! I'm following you via bloglovin now


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