Saturday, December 3, 2011


Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your encouraging comments - things have improved somewhat. How has your week been? It's a bit hard to believe it's December, and that Christmas is just around the corner. We headed out this morning and obtained our Christmas tree - much excitement! Here's hoping we get a dusting of snow sometime soon....having grown up in the southern hemisphere I get ridiculously excited by the idea of a white Christmas. Fingers and toes are crossed. Have a wonderful week - here's what:nots.
Pretty + elegant image from Anthropologie.

Untitled 872 by Lynne Woods Turner.

Faber & Faber's romantic poetry series - the covers are inspired by the classic designs of Josiah Wedgwood, and all the books have beautiful endpapers.

Love this image by Corey Arnold.

A rather nice tray, with an even nicer poem by Kylie Johnson.

Basilius Besler's wonderfully intricate illustrations from the 1600s.

A perfectly nice, and perfectly functional popover from J Crew.

And Mindy Gledhill's sweet song - Anchor.


  1. so exciting about the tree and the possibility of a white christmas. :) i grew up in tennessee and the idea of snow in december is still a novelty! beautiful what-nots as always.

  2. I want everything--- I am in the mood of giving though!-- Happy Christmas to you

    sending you happy spells

  3. I'm in Texas but still cross my fingers for a white Christmas, it's magical isn't it?


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