Sunday, April 15, 2012


Another weekend down, another week about to start. The boys head off on a week-long camp tomorrow, and with R in New Zealand until Friday I will be rattling about the house on my ownsome. To be honest I'm rather excited about a week on my own - I've loads of riding planned, books to read, films to see, friends to catch up with, and lots of me time. It feels like such a treat. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods - have a wonderful week! 
Strikingly beautiful image found here

Broadly speaking, I agree with Winston Churchill.

Pipi Cafe (the ultimate place to eat) has published a cookbook. Full of wonderful recipes, it also includes Alexandra's heart-breakingly honest account of how Pipi's came to be.

Liking this silk half-sleeve shirt dress by Arts & Science.

Bernadette Pascua's illustrations.

Love this shirt and short set from Stella McCartney.

By Boe's modern + delicate Amazon necklace.

Monsieur Lazhar - a poignant, bittersweet comedy. 

And to end with a sweet tune from Maya Vik.


  1. Just think - Pipi will be your new local very soon! The book is absolutely fabulous. We have it instore and the team have bought up half the stock!
    Enjoy your solo week Annie.
    Amanda xx

  2. Enjoy the "me" time. I know I would be doing something self destructive, like eating bon bons in a bubble bath. But your plans sound much healthier

  3. Fun, Annie. Enjoy your riding, reading, film watching, visiting, and quiet time.

  4. Oh I hope you relish in all that 'me' time. That portrait of Christy Turlington is divine x

  5. That first photo is so beautiful and just stays with you. Having alone time is wonderful if I do say so myself ;)

  6. i think my father would kill me if i ever got a tatoo, but that first picture makes it so tempting. :)

  7. I do so hope you had a really great weekend. I'm intrigued by the film you shared. Thank you, Annie!


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