Monday, November 26, 2012


Happy Monday - I hope you all had a grand weekend. Ours was lovely and relaxing which is always a nice thing. Unfortunately I spent most of it with a head cold which wasn't such a nice thing. Here's to a good week ahead.
A favourite image from Acne Paper.

Heike Weber's extraordinary silicone installations.
I throughly recommend you click through and have a peek at the close ups - they're stunning.

This image found here.

Laurence Amelie's floral paintings found here.

Lots to love with Zara's kids collection.

And a lovely tune from the lovely Ms Del Ray.

Images from Acne Paper, Heike Weber, Flickr, Laurence Amelie, and ZaraClip from You Tube.


  1. Cannot stop looking at the lovely woman before window image... I want to stand in the very same spot.


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