Thursday, April 4, 2013

A few doings...

...obsessing over this image from Kinfolk Vol.7
watching Rust & Bone (terribly good)...
...listening to this on repeat
scrolling through Supply Paper Co's workroom...
...this has been on repeat too
cooking up a storm with Green Kitchen Stories' recipes...
...listening to an engaging interview here
and reading this...
What have you been up to?

Image from Kinfolk.


  1. A Paris Review interview I have not yet read. Thanks, Annie. Me? I had the best time browsing City Lights Books today. I have a new book and a new bookmark. Such a joy. And I've eaten my first rutabaga, roasted.

  2. I hope you've been able to get out and ride often - the weather is cooperating a bit here so it's a weekly event now. Double yay

  3. I read just the first bit of the Paris Review interview and it has me hooked. Thank you! This week, I have been trying to go on more walks and re-organize our kitchen.


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