Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's almost the weekend! The boys and I are ensconced in San Francisco airport, waiting for our flight to New Zealand. Super exciting to be heading home for a few weeks to see family and friends (and to get some much needed sunshine). Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful weekend - here's what:nots. 
Elegant photograph found over on b for bonnie.

Something to try and remember.

Clever leaf brooches printed with old photographs from Puur Anders.

I discovered Catbird's candles over at Ink & Peat last week. With notes of incense, Turkish rose, and pencil shavings (!) - Tarot Deck would have to be my favourite.

Loving the current issue of Anthology.

Alyson Fox's simple necklaces.

Looking forward to the release of Lucy McRae's short film for Aesop.

Seriously coveting this maple cutting board.

I recently heard a favourable review of this book, and will be adding it to my reading list.

And a little bit of Duke Ellington to end with.


  1. Yes - I heard him being interviewed on the radio the other day, I too will be checking this one out. Have a wonderful time in your beautiful homeland,

    Sarah -x-

  2. Thank you for sweet wishes! And for all the pretty things you show us! Enjoy your sunny days in new zealand!

  3. Alain de Botton seems to make everything so much more simple - have a safe trip!


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