Saturday, February 11, 2012


Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is tootling along nicely, and that the past week was a good one. With R now in New Zealand, we are plodding along as three. After a so-so start to the year, February is turning out to be a much better month. Among other things, my aim to make time to read more this year is paying off. Funny how time to read can often feel like a luxury in these harried times. Do you find (or make) the time to read regularly? I'm interested...
Pretty kimono, top knot + image found here.

Wise words from John Wooden.

Very much taken by this Hoshi pot stand.

Much to like about this Winter 2012 collection.

Kontex's wonderfully soft organic cotton towels.

Thanks to this my obsession with large country estates continues.
More kitchen goodness from Japan - Noda Horo's teapot.

Apres Grande 12 by Christian Chaize.

And Gordon Lightfoot's The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.


  1. I always make time to read. Reading a good book is one of my favorite things in life. A lovely towel, and a new poet -- fabulous.

  2. I try and make time to read - I'll give up social interaction to do so. Striking a balance is so difficult to do

  3. I love reading and never have enough time to devote to it. At the very least, though, I always end each day in bed with a book. I try to get there as early as possible so I have time to escape before drifting off... Lovely list!

  4. It's what, and when, I read that's changed. Anything challenging has to be kept for daytime and I make space for it. Lightness is what I need for bath or bedtime reading. Gordon Lightfoot! Key in the soundtrack of my childhood.


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