Monday, March 12, 2012

A house + some apricots...

Located in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, is a 103 year old villa surrounded by four acres of mature gardens, which in turn is surrounded by six acres of apricot orchard. And the super, mind-blowingly exciting part of it all is that it is now ours! I still can't quite believe it. Beyond exciting! And while work commitments mean we'll be in the US for the rest of this year, come January next year we'll be back in New Zealand and living here full-time - woohoo!!
Images by me.


  1. That's so very exciting Annie, and look how gorgeous it looks. Summer in Hawkes Bay sounds like a lovely welcome home! xx

  2. Oh my wow - congratulations! I can't wait to see the home y'all make it into

  3. gah, that porch, gorgeous! six acres, hmm you could have horses!

  4. I know a boy who would run endlessly along that porch (and his mum, when no-one's looking..) and 6 acres of apricots? utter heaven.


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