Saturday, June 27, 2009

A lovely start to the weekend...

Hooray I was able to nip out to the lovely Kiri's yoga class this morning. Kiri teaches traditional ashtanga yoga and I always leave her classes feeling refreshed and with a skip in my step! Below is a random selection of books I've on the go......I stumbled across a 1958 book of Paul Klee prints - one of my favourites is Individualized Measurement of Strata (1930). Just love those colours!

Last night I read The Allure of Women by Francois Baudot. Francois describes allure as a mixture of distinction and grace, authority and gentleness, a singularity.... An interesting book and a beautiful collection of photographs of past and present alluring beauties.
A pretty book I treated myself to earlier this year is Beauty in Bloom by the gorgeous Natalie Bloom. Full of lovely inspiration and beautiful illustrations......
R gave me Eat Pray Love earlier this year. Elizabeth Gilbert had spoken at the TED conference and R thought I'd enjoy the book.  I can relate to Ms Gilbert on many levels.  Update - whilst there were moments of insight in the book, there were also many moments when I felt like "get over yourself woman!". Plus the way she has totally sold out to mass-marketing, goes against the whole concept...

I'm also enjoying Things I wish my Mother had told me - Lessons in grace and elegance. Full of lots of simple, practical and lovely ideas and thoughts.... for example 'You can't change most people. Don't expect them to give what they are unable to give.' 
Have a happy weekend!

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