Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our apartment...

Our new couch (sofa, sectional, ... call it what you will) was delivered yesterday. I'm beyond excited - is that bad? It is super spacious and we can all snuggle up on it, or spread out as we like - perfect. I've come to love our apartment, and although I still miss our home and the sea, the glorious changing view we have more than makes up for it. The sky seems to stretch on and on past the mountains and beyond - bliss! As with any rental there's some decor 'approaches' that we'd totally redo if we were the owner, but with a bit this and a bit of that we are slowly making it a home. We just need a few things like -

Some great shelves for little bits and bobs.

Some fab chairs like this one.

A lovely sideboard like this one.

And a way to hang pictures without making holes :)

Mind you this doesn't stop me imagining what I would do if I was the owner....

Images from Design*Sponge, unknown^, Design*Sponge, and unknown.
^ if either of these are your images please let me know so I can credit them.

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