Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekly what:nots...

Or should that be weekend what:nots? Where has the week gone? Talk about being an absent blogger.... No excuses really just caught up in the détails mineurs of my life with a few car dramas thrown in for good measure, and before you know it it's the weekend. Enough chatting let's get on to what:nots, and I promise next week I will be more onto it!
Love the whole 'less is more' look of Calvin Klein models.

How cool are these oragami tea bags by Natalia Ponomareva? Sadly they are only at concept stage...

A perfect vintage pair of gilt Louis XVI inspired arm chairs - upholstered in burlap no less.

The simple serenity of artists Grahame Sydney's work. There's a great interview with him here.

The sweetest little bear badge from karmatank, with such a lovely story. In fact all the little bears have a lovely little story - so sweet.

Always on the lookout for a great bag. This one would be perfect, sadly it's sold out and was horribly expensive!

And to end with some pretty packaging (and a lovely drink).

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  1. what a lovely round-up! you have great finds. and i'm so glad your lump has turned out OK so far -- what a scare! xoxo


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