Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Hello Friday evening! How was your week? Ours skedaddled by with school, activities, riding (loving), and We're off out to our fav local for dinner this evening, then plan to explore southwest Oregon and visit a few wineries, enjoy walking in the spring (hopefully) weather, and so forth. What are your plans? Oooh and thank you for all your lovely comments this week - they always make me smile :) Right-o let's get onto what:nots...
Lovely taupe and beige at Jak & Jil (via Definitely Golden).
A great quote from Albert Einstein (via Beverly.13).
Pretty cashmere and ballet flats from who else but J Crew!
Picture-perfect English country garden found here. For more English country inspiration have a peep at this.
Have you seen this blog? Seriously, Joel has to be the ideal Dad - the things he makes are incredible!
Cute tee on a always stunning Natalie Portman.
A clever use for old skateboards.
And an adorable ted conked out after a hard day (or night!) from Twig Hutchinson. How cool is Twig for a name!

Have a lovely weekend!

Images from Definitely Golden, Beverly.13J Crew, Sarah van Raden, Made by Joel, Stop Wars, Boardgames, and Twig Hutchinson.


  1. Oh! I recognize the hand drawn quote as Beverly's!

  2. Yay! Thanks Cassandra - much appreciated :)


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