Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week. I've shaken off my bug - yay - and am very much looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully we get some sunshine, Portland is feeling rather grey and drab with all this cloud. This evening we're taking the boys to Cirque de Soleil which we're all really looking forward to. Right-o better get on with what:nots, and then I better get on with "getting things done" as I seem to be doing a rather good job of procrastinating....
I love this Stephanie Rausser image...
Could this be the perfect cup for tea? In fact I'm quite taken by everything in Amanda Gentry's shop.
Highly desirable bangs and dark hair seen here.
This is perfectly true - chocolate solves many a problem, don't you agree?
Impossibly soft lilac and beige silk at Alberta Ferretti.
Great colours on these tie-dyed leather shorts.
And a favourite book of children's poetry.

I hope you have a fun-filled weekend!


  1. I love the saying about chocolate! Great stuff :) xx

  2. Wow, what a stunning photo and portfolio from Stephanie. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Anzac Day tomorrow Annie

  3. i need that chocolate picture...oh mondays!


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