Monday, September 27, 2010

2011 calendar...

The uber-talented Romina Bacci has recently added some new goodies to her shop, including this lovely handwritten calendar.

Images from Romina Bacci.


  1. This calendar is lovely, Annie.

    Catching up here... It's good to hear you had a good time away at the beach and that you and yours are well... and you are from NZ? I guess I did not know that.

    Anyway... it is always sch a treat to visit here. You always put together the most inspiring of photographs. I love the words (written and spoken) that you choose to share here at Elsa May.


  2. This is beautiful! It has a breezy and dreamy feel to it which I love!

  3. Maria you are too lovely and kind! Thank you for your sweet words... I hope you're having a wonderful week. oh and yes I'm from NZ, but for now live in Portland.


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