Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well the week just flew by. R returned from New Zealand, the boys went to OMSI camp, then arrived home four days later in a cloud of sand, and here we are at the weekend. So before any more time whooshes by here's what:nots for the week. I hope the week and weekend have been kind to you.
Such a lovely photo of two lovely women.

Lanvin's private library, a true treasure trove, captured by The Selby.
My owl obsession continues, helped along by this wee fellow.
Kim Smith's collage pretty much sums things up.

Due for release next month, Deborah Mitford's memoir Wait for Me!

A sweet little print by Raymond Ching.

And another great product from Poketo - Desk-It, a post-it note for your desk. Perfect for habitual list makers like me.

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  1. Such poise in that first image. I immediately sat up straight. Very cute owl coin purse. I thought for sure I'd be following a link to Etsy. I wouldn't have ever guessed Kate Spade. You never know... Lovely little sparrow too. Have a nice week.


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