Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello Friday! My it's felt like a very long week. After a misty start, today turned into a wonderfully clear and crisp autumn day. It made me think of the quote Alexandria posted here. This evening we took advantage of the lack of precipitation and strolled out for a yummy thai dinner, before stopping off on the way home for Mayan hot chocolates at Moonstruck. Tomorrow, at the boys' request, we are off on a family day-trip. R and Mu have devised the route - I'm hoping for a country-ish locale, with lots of fall foliage. I hope you have a lovely weekend in your neck of the woods. And thank you for visiting Elsa May and for your sweet comments. Here's a autumn-ish what:nots...
Elegant black + white, plus love the jacket.
(I can't recall where I got the image...if you know the source please let me know)
Target from Jessica Snow's exhibition Multiple Plot Points.
White shirt + black pant + boots + clutch from Vanessa Bruno = perfect.
Holly Farrell's paintings - this one in particular.
An completely timeless bag from Vanessa Bruno.
Possibly the most perfect cashmere roll-neck sweater from Toast. Is it wrong to lust after a sweater this much?

The name - Divine - says it all. Dark chocolate, citrusy orange, warm ginger - utterly scrumptious.
And given that I'm exhausted after three full-on rides this week I thought I'd end with this wonderful image by Lisa Cueman. If you're interested hop over to here to see more of Lisa's great images.


  1. These are such beautiful choices for Autumn. I love that book painting so much. I hope you had a fun day-trip!

  2. I like the book painting. Her Butterick paintings are pretty great too.

  3. oh that bag that bag...its like perfect...hmm wonder if my wallet feels the same?


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