Friday, December 17, 2010

In the past fortnight...

... in addition to usual to-ing and fro-ing, I have:
- purchased + wrapped gifts for 18 people (19 if I include myself)
- reduced a long list of middle schools to three
- written (+ more importantly remembered to post) 20 or so Christmas cards
- gained first hand experience of Fifth's Disease (it sounds worse than it is)
- made quite a few (OK, quite a lot) of notes-to-self about getting a 2011 calendar
- visited two of the three middle schools + organised shadow + testing days
- unblocked the shower
- provided ongoing UN type negotiations over a disputed drawing idea
- came home from the dentist with what I guess is his idea of a Christmas present (a toothbrush, some floss + a filling)
- looked the other way when R came home from a Christmas party in a dress....?!
- been blinded by science at the school Science Fair
- made two batches of brownies to gift (one better than the other)
- searched for and failed to find the source of sand that keeps mysteriously appearing at the front door
- started to read the first chapter of a new book (twice)
- and wrote yet another note reminding myself to get a 2011 calendar.

Perhaps this is why it's called a holiday? Personally, I'm not entirely convinced....
Image from Pinterest.


  1. Oh, this is a lot. You need a warm bath and a nap.

  2. My word, I became breathless just reading your list. You definitely need a week of being still my dear, I hope you do get it in NZ.
    Merry Xmas


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