Sunday, December 12, 2010


I hope you had a good week. Ours whizzed by in a blur of wintery pre-Christmas activity, and now it's late Sunday afternoon on a very grey rainy Portland day. It's dark out, the fire is blazing, and everyone is quietly reading - a perfectly nice way to end the weekend. I hope your weekend was just as nice!
A voluminous ponytail from asos.

Tokketok's lovely + simple letter-press cards.

Made from paper yarn this necklace can also be worn as a bracelet.

Loving the soft grey of Le Souk's embroidered pouffe.

A new discovery for me, I'm very taken by Claude Maus unstructured pieces.

Beatriz Furest's fine wool scarfs.

The Medea Bag by Tadai, of which I've developed an unhealthy obsession.

And because it's almost Christmas, a Charles Dickens inspired card to end with (found via Black & Eiffel).


  1. Really want that red scarfe and love the letterpress selections you have made.

  2. I would love for that ponytail, but with curly hair? not possibile!


  3. I like that the Scrooge card makes me smile.

  4. I really want to rock a full, beehive pony tail but am afraid people will point and stare in this small town...maybe i should just do it anyway...

    perhaps with that amazing wool scarf?!

  5. i really dig that bag. such a great design!

    xo Alison

  6. I love that soft muted colour palette that recurs through this post, and I'm besotted with letterpress cards. These look so lovely!


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