Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Goodness me - I'd forgotten just how disorientating moving can be! I swear I keep going around in circles, shifting things from here, to there, and back again. Confusion and chaos aside our new place is just wonderful - light, airy, loads of space, and a garden with vegetable boxes! Now I just need to get myself into a slightly less disorganised state....
I hope your week is going smoothly...I should be back by the end of the week - see you then.
Image from eyecandy.


  1. oh my gosh congratulations on the move! hope we get to take a peek at the new place :)

  2. i just did a big long-overdue catch up of reading, and I have so many things to say -- first of all, congrats on your move! light and lots of space are so wonderful, no? second, i'm so sorry that you were having trouble with middle school, etc. a few weeks back. i do hope things have straigtened themselves out and in the meantime, sending a big hug your way.
    good luck unpacking!

    xo, Kristin

    PS -- i'm back at contented me! ;)

  3. Your new space sounds glorious! I too hope for some pictures - eventually. I've not moved in ages, but upon returning from travels I go a little nutty if I can't get everything washed up and put back to our version of order quickly. And I am a habitual stack shifter, although I know my better solution is less stuff. Tough to bring the rest of the family on board with the idea that our petite home will provide much more usable space with less filling it. Best of luck to you!


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