Thursday, March 31, 2011


Our wee apartment is almost packed (we are surrounded by boxes), and tomorrow we get the keys to our new place - whoop whoop! All going according to plan we should be happily ensconced at number 721 by Saturday evening. So with a bit of luck (not to mention a lot of technical knowhow), I'll be back with what:nots sometime Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
ps: thanks ever so much for all your sweet comments - bloggers are the nicest of nice!
Image of the Merci car from Hoosta Magazine.


  1. This photo would have to make anyone smile at the prospect of moving. Hope all goes well!
    Amanda x

  2. hope you love your new home...more jealous! hope you are still in portland...i know we haven't met, but like to think i have a secret friend out there in my little city somewhere. ;) xo t

  3. oops...just sent you a comment through the mister's google account! it was from me! xo t


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