Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly what:nots...

Hmmm...I'm thinking that this should just be simply called what:nots, due to my inability to post it in a timely manner. The pleasant day to day happenings of life seem to fill in the days at present, and when I do venture near the internet I get sidetracked on all manner of things... I do hope you had a pleasant weekend. Ours was a cosy early autumn indoors-y one - which reminds me I must order the firewood. Have a wonderful week!
Beautiful light in this image.

A wonderful Sufi saying.

Quite enamoured with the thought of lush green borders.

A simple little container from Fleet Objects.

These plates are fuelling my obsession with all things wooden.

Love this Humanoid wrap dress - utterly timeless.

Am quite taken by this little chap (albeit slightly freaked out by the taxidermy idea).

And Anthropologie's lovely leather bound journal.


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