Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly what:nots...

We woke this morning to snow! So very pretty + the flurries continued on and off all day. Sadly it's all gone now except for the odd patch. The past week hasn't been the best, but things are on the up + tomorrow is the boys' birthday which should be fun. So hard to believe how quickly they've grown. I can still remember when they were so very, very tiny. I hope you've had a grand week, and the week ahead is full of goodness. Here's what:nots...

Love the tee in this image.

Watery Ecstatic by Ellen Gallagher.

m-inspira's edible sugar + gelatine letters.

Musi silk dress from Matta.

Covetable goodies in Sydney's Pure and General.

Love Helena Rohner's range of hair accessories.

Lurk's natural oil fragrances. With notes of cedarwood, tuberose and sweet rose  AS 01 would have to be my pick.

Liking the eclectic mix on this mantle (minus the marionettes).

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