Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly what:nots...

Crikey - could it possibly rain any more? After a very pretty coating of snow earlier in the week, Portland's infamous rains have returned. We are awash in sogginess - ugh! I hope you've had a pleasant weekend - ours has been quite productive but equally relaxing. The perfect weekend combination really. Here's to everyone having a jolly good week ahead (and fingers crossed it stops raining sometime soon).
Love this image, and love the look on her face - withering or nonchalant?

Very wise words found on Pinterest.

Still obsessed by Season 2 of Downtown Abbey.

Onchi Kôshirô's woodblock print Pitcher and Lemon.

A rather fetching tattersall silk scarf from Barbour.

Also from Barbour a rather nice waxed jacket (with very pretty Liberty lining). And while we're at it this hat would be inherently useful right now.

Several Circles by Kandinsky.

This quote found on here perfectly sums up my thoughts about winter.

Images from Brown Dress with White Dots, Pinterest, Vogue, MFA, Barbour, Snug Studio, Guggenheim, and Lyla and Blue.


  1. Beautiful images. I am excited to watch the third episode of Downton Abbey today. I love the pic of the three ladies!

  2. annie, thought of you when i saw this.

    1. Ha ha - thanks Lisa - that's great! I'm too ashamed to say how accurate it is :)


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