Monday, May 7, 2012


I confess to being a tad sidetracked by life, sunshine, and general bits and bobs - hence a rather tardy what:nots. I do hope you've had a lovely weekend, and that the week ahead is shaping up nicely. For what feels like the first time in ages I read a book in two days - Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend. Quite an interesting tale, and a fascinating narrative view point. And having made Denise's rhubarb recipe, I was inspired to try this rhubarb compote which was (and still is) rather delicious. I heartily recommend it with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a light sprinkling of raw sugar. Have a wonderful week!
Lovely black + white of Carolyn Murphy.

Spring Cloak by Judith Geher.
A perfectly simple string bikini by Petit Bateau.

Pretty carnations over on fieldguided.

A friendly wee ornament from Fog Linen.

Love Heal's orange bead and vintage charm pendant.

Flower layers found on Jennifer's pinterest.

And to end with a slice of Chet Baker.

Images from N'East Style + the Ditty Bag, Ignite Light, Judith Geher, Lille boutique, Fieldguided, Barneys, Neest, Free People, and Pinterest. Clip from You Tube.


  1. That quote is so very very very true...

  2. This is a particularly lovely group. Love the quote, the painting, the bikini, the necklace... Lovely.

  3. the quote about the soul is wonderful. so true indeed.

  4. Did you have an imaginary friend? I did. I've been told he appeared when I was around two years old, close to three. His name was Jimmy. I'm totally intrigued by this book you've mentioned.

  5. Wow that image of the "silence the mind" quote really hits home...


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