Monday, August 6, 2012

A little over...

... 24 hours ago this was my view! I first visited the Rarontonga ten years ago, and each time I've returned it's pretty much just the same. Slow, idyllic pace of life, nothing much has changing from year to year. Pretty perfect really. My Granny Jean used to visit in the 70s, and I think it's pretty much the same as when she was there, give or take the odd new building. All low rise and basic mind you. It's hard to buy land here, perhaps that's why it's remained so untouched. And until recently even groceries or fresh milk were hard to come by. Nice to know that in parts of the world life remains the same as it always has...slow, quiet, and relatively untouched...
Image from here.


  1. Heaven on earth... lucky you :)

  2. I'm dreaming those are my knees and that is my view. I do love the beaches here in Northern California, but I sometimes long for a nice warm spot in the sand.


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