Monday, August 20, 2012


Happy Monday eve! Thanks for hanging in there in my absence - my blurgy cold has been laid to rest, and I am slowly getting back on top of what seems like a rather long to-do list. School starts in a few weeks, there's packing up all our belongings and shipping them home to think about, a small side trip early next month to plan, a house to sell, a garage sale to hold, a few random work ideas to investigate, and a reading pile that is growing by the day...busy, but pleasant, times. Have a great week
Stunning photographs by Shelli Breidenbach.

Maurie & Eve's Belle Tux Shirt.

Distraction, a perfect pink for one's nails.

A pretty vignette from Lonny's August issue.

Let Love necklace from Betsy & Iya a wonderful Portland jeweller.

Aroha & Friends' Male Huia Portrait.

Follow Studio's lovely custom stamps.


  1. Glad you're back and I love those horse photographs. Love love love

  2. Nothing major on your to do list then Annie! Whew!
    Love that Huia! I've got one of the female prints on my wall.


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