Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hello Sunday afternoon. How was the past week for you? Mine drifted by slowly while I did battle with a nasty cold. Slowness and colds aside a flattering highlight was having my Pinterest account included here. It totally made my day! I hope the week ahead is a good one. With R in China the boys and I have a few plans up our sleeves, starting with a trip to Salt & Straw to try out their new apple season inspired flavours.

The Way We Remember It by Lily Stockman.

These Rough Notes - a wonderful collaboration of poems, images, and songs.

And Snowy Hill, McAlvy's Fort, PA 2007 by Samantha Contis.


  1. That is so exciting Annie - but then, they're right, you do have a great eye and a knack for putting the unexpected together so well.
    Amanda x

  2. Ick, I think something is definitely going around. Feel better soon. And congrats on having your pinterest account featured

  3. You do have excellent taste. Bea's purses!


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