Sunday, July 5, 2009

A day of gazing at art...

Well almost! The boys and I spent time at Te Papa in the art galleries - but it was 'fair for everyone' according to Turtle as we'd spent a good (and long!) half hour at Our Space first. There was a great Len Lye film in the modern section which the boys enjoyed. And the John Reynolds installation, Cloud (see below) is great! Comprised of 7081 small canvases with words and phrases from The Dictionary of New Zealand English, the work is a galaxy of words written in silver marker. Turtle and Mu were very excited to see a few featured 'swear words Mummy!'

On the way home we saw a great Kim Pieters (I think) in the window of Bowen Galleries. I love this picture of Kim's studio - with peonies!

I've no good reason to post the following images other than I love them likewise pretty much all the work by both photographers!

Photograph Joseph Kelly.

Woodpecker Bay, State Highway 6 by Derek Henderson.

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