Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Just skyped R - he's in New York and sounds (and looks) all sleepy. All this travel sounds so glam but in reality it's not all that fab and is really tiring. Especially when one bounces about from place to place like he does.

Turtle, Mu and I made chicken burritos a'la Donna Hay tonight - yum! Which reminded me of the new (well newish) and utterly lovely Donna Hay General Store in Woollahra, Sydney. Oh to have one in our little city....

Among the many exciting things about our move to Portland I am looking forward to revisiting some really lovely stores such as the beautiful Oblation Papers & Press located in the Pearl. From the minute you step inside you are in stationery heaven!

Well time for bed - Mu has a 'make a gingerbread house' class tomorrow so we need to be up and out bright and early. A small shock to the system after a week of very lazy starts! I will post tomorrow on some more lovely Portland stores - promise.

Oh and I am over-the-moon-in-love with my new MacBook - sigh - how fickle we are 'twas only last week I was missing my old laptop....

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