Monday, August 24, 2009

Late, late, later... much later than I had planned or imagined. A few rather horrendous days full of busy, busy crazy-ness. Am back on top of things for now and thrilled to find time for Elsa M at last. Weekly what:nots coming up tomorrow - promise, but in the meantime let's look at stationery and the like....

I'm quite taken by these sweet pocket books from Lovely Design - each page has different paper.

Blue Pool Road make the most gorgeous range of lovely things, and have an equally wonderful blog.

I'm always impressed by the pretty ways things can be packaged.

I know - it's not strictly stationery but a very pretty illustration all the same.

While we're on illustrations - I just love Oliver Jeffers illustrations and books.

And to finish with a little letterpress book entitled How Birds Sing.


  1. Love love love Oliver Jeffers...

  2. just discovered your blog through simple lovely. i love it! i am bookmarking it right now, and am also so flattered to see my blog on your blogroll. it makes my day!


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