Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly what:nots...

How was your week? Ours was rather chaotic but we have managed to get loads sorted for the big move. And tomorrow we hopefully will have news about where we're staying in Portland. Fingers crossed, and toes too just in case. On to what:nots from the week...

Stella McCartney for Adidas. So workable, fashionable and so comfortable.
Huia silkscreen artwork by the talented Hayley King.

A small turquoise McCoy bowl from here.

An eel-skin foldover clutch from Pratten.

Amber Valletta in Harper's Bazaar sans makeup.

An adorable candle from Voluspa.

OK so this is a little 'out there' - but I have to confess I really like the bouncy song, the 70's vibe of the roller skates + stripey knee-high socks . And the Bonds underwear is pretty cute.

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