Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two days back...

We're only two days back into term and it feels like a week - hmmm.... Progress on the big move has become a bit two steps forward, one step back. The Portland rental we'd hoped to secure has fallen through - so we are madly trying to find a an alternative. Anyone know of one? On the good news front our house was photographed this morning, and will be advertised for rent this weekend. Fingers crossed. And yay it was sunny when the photos were taken! R is in Germany and the time difference makes it hard for us to connect. Not to mention a serious lack of wifi anywhere.
Today I thought I'd post some work by one of my favourite New Zealand artists Leanne Culy. Leanne paints exquisite illustrations onto oars, and although they look purely decorative, they tell a story, as a totem would. The oars, and limited edition prints, are available for purchase through these galleries. Have a look at Leanne's (and her husband Brian's) work over on their Home Base Collections site.

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