Friday, July 10, 2009

What a day... or not

Still feeling rather ick. Had a very slow start and was helping Turtle & Mu reload Garage Band when my laptop died. And I mean died died - as in the hard drive died! Disaster! A trip to see the super friendly and helpful people at Magnum Mac (who are ever so patient when I use terms like 'the little square face thingy'). My poor iBook I'd had her for years - I mean years - and sadly she is no more..... Much to Turtle and Mu's utter amazement we came home with a sparkling new MacBook Pro. The look of sheer delight on Mu's face was priceless. And thanks to Mr Time Machine everything copied over super easily - hooray!

On an entirely different note I was thinking of my Mum today (probably 'cos I'm ill), and the time she came to see me and much to her horror I was in hospital. Once she knew I was OK, and the colour had returned to her face, Mum bounced back and made a classic Mum comment "I know they're hospital pj's Annabel, but that green really suits you you". It always makes me smile. Speaking of stunning green things - I came across these beautiful beads at Madder & Rouge this week. They are made from acai seeds by this uber eco company called Escapulario.

Sadly no riding today - too ill.

Image from Red Magazine UK.

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