Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autumn (or Fall) reading...

I seem to have a never ending reading list, so I thought I'd share some of my recent finds and favs with you.

This gorgeous book is full of beautiful photographs, and has a fortune for each day.

A lovely little book of letters that inspire everyday peace. Filled with clarity and wisdom, it's a wonderful find.

I've had this on my must-read list for months. A 'cross-country, train-hopping adventure of a twelve-year-old map making prodigy'. The website alone is worth a peek.

Why do some of the best ideas have something missing? This enlightening book delves into the belief that 'less-is-more'.

India is one country I so desperately want to visit - perhaps in a year or so... If so this book would be perfect.

A great coffee-table book - packed full of stunning images and providing a great insight into the evolution of fashion and trends in the US.

A delightful, charming book - perfect for curling up with.

And to end with - a fab book about cooking and dining alone. And it has recipes. Perfect!

Images from Amazon, Atlas Books, and Random House.

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