Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Hello there! How was your week? Mine felt frantic to say the least. However, I kept reminding myself that it wasn't long ago I was yearning for jammed packed days. Anyhoo here we are at Friday. The boys and I had a successful skating session with their class, and now we are all settled in by the fire for the evening, looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Well kind of relaxing, we have six coming for dinner tomorrow.... Best we get on to what:nots and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

A silvery black and white of Alexa Yudina.

Lisa Congdon's A Collection a Day. What a fun and lovely idea!

The wonderfully talented Heather Smith Jones is exhibiting here.

How do they always get it so so right? J Crew Spring Collection 2010.

Would you just look at those little legs! The Tea Time Set by Jorine Oosterhoff via The Design Alphabet.

Ngatarawa (pronounced Na-tarh-rah-wa) wines. In particular their Late Harvest 2009 dessert wine, an enticing mix of ripe manderin and Turkish delight with apricots and lychees. Who needs dessert!

The first blossom. It's no longer dark at 4.30pm, and one or two trees in our street have tentatively started to blossom....

Have a wonderful weekend!


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