Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Thank you for all your lovely comments and emails! I'm so humbled that you all take the time to visit Elsa May...Do you have plans for the weekend? I'm finally relaxing after playing 'catch-up' all week. The boys have today and Monday off school (hooray lots of sleep-ins), we've planned lots of fun - ice skating, OMSI, hiking in the arboretum, seeing friends, and potential hamster shopping! So without further ado here's this week's what:nots.

A fab photo of Audrey Hepburn from the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive. Hop on over it's full of wonderful images from the 50s and 60s.

A lovely 'autumn book' postcard from Cori Kindred.

Zimmerman's swim collection for summer 2010. Perfect!

A delightful Thereza Rowe wallet from Poketo.

Balenciaga Paris. An elegant violet, pepper and moss-based scent.

Herb & Dorothy. Proof that you don't have to be a Rockefeller to collect art! (via Heather Smith Jones)

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