Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What the world needs now...

Portland is basking in the most gorgeous spring day today - bliss! As promised here's a quick-ish run down of (my) highlights from TED 2010. A few are available to view already, and many more will be released in the coming weeks:
- Esther Duflo on poverty and how we can do better.
- New York chef Dan Barber on sustainable fishing. Hilarious, informative and wise.
- Jamie Oliver's wish is granted.
- Jake Shimabukuro and his ukelele. Speechless.
- Bing maps, the coolest new mapping technology - beats google maps hands down!
- Sam Harris on morality.
- Wolfram Alpha incredible online knowledge engine - try it out. Stephen Wolfram's talk on how he developed the idea was fascinating.
- Mark Roth and his work on reversible metabolic hibernation. In other words suspended animation for humans!
- Temple Grandin on embracing the nerdy geeks who have so much to offer the world.
- Wired Magazine demo of the Summer 2010 issue. All online, on a tablet, scrollable, zoomable, and you-name-it-able.
- The hugely talented Marian Bantjes talking about her stunning calligraphy.
- Natalie Merchant's eloquent voice turning poems into songs. Beautiful.
- Sir Ken Robinson, one of the most informed and entertaining speakers ever, referencing Yeats and asking us to "tread softly on the dreams" of our children.

And before I go, I just have to mention Intelligentsia Coffee - yum! The best coffee (they do flat whites!) I've had since landing stateside.

*** thanks for all your comments and emails most of these 'talks' haven't been released yet, but will be in the coming weeks. I'll post a note letting you know when each one is released. Apologies for any confusion ***

Images from Marian Bantjes.


  1. We're enjoying the same warmth here in Seattle! How cool that you went to TED, I bet you must feel so inspired right now!

  2. i have just barely discovered TED...can't wait to watch these, especially the one on poverty and how we can do better...that one is constantly on my mind.

  3. Ooooh..! I know what I'll be doing over the weekend..! And how great that you got to go - it does sound like a really inspiring thing to do... Thanks for sharing these here.


  4. I have seen a few TED videos, I was put onto it by a mate of my husband's so I'll be taking some time this weekend to follow your links.


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