Friday, August 6, 2010

The art of procrastination...

I seem to be on perpetual go slow since returning. Or more correctly on the 'take the loooong way' go slow. In fact I think I may have perfected the art of procrastination... Anyhoo enough is enough! It is time to Get.Things.Done! I have riding this morning (let's hope I stay on the horse this time), then this afternoon I aim to load pics of our travels to flickr, update the very neglected Elsa May, and put together a what:nots post. If you haven't given up on Elsa M and are still visiting - thank you for your patience. See you this afternoon!
Image from unruly things.


  1. ha, did you recently fall off too!? i fell off TWICE in one lesson a few weeks back. (the stable record is three, I checked :) It was actually reassuring to know I can fall off as an adult and not get injured.


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