Saturday, August 14, 2010

Waste Land...

Waste Land chronicles Vik Muniz's journey to Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest landfill, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. He collaborates with an eclectic band of catadores,or self-designated pickers of recyclable materials, and photographs these inspiring characters as they recycle their lives and society’s garbage. Walker gains incredible access to the entire process and, in doing so, offers stirring evidence of the transformative power of art and the dignity that can be found in personal determination.
Blurb from here, clip from You Tube.


  1. This looks amazing. It seems the type of film that will change the way the viewer looks at his or her world. Thanks for posting this introduction.

  2. Thanks for sharing this - what an amazing undertaking...

  3. I concur. Amazing all around. Thanks for sharing.



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