Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Hello there. How was your week? I hope it treated you well and you've a great weekend planned. R is away, so the boys and I have a few fun things up our sleeves, including visiting friends.who.have.a.swimming.pool! Yippee - perfect for this hot, hot weather. I also aim to (finally) sort out the rest of my things from our European jaunt. To illustrate just how disorganised everything is I thought about posting an image of my desk....but then thought better of it! Best we just get on with what:nots...
Love this image from Sessun.

Camper's cute Leia sandals. They also come in a great coral/peachy colour.
I tagged Hugh's moleskine sketch back in May. Since then he's had it framed, and sold it for (drum roll) $700. Yikes!
A time-less shirt-dress by Trovata.
Love the colours of this jaipur rug.
(I can't remember where I got the image...matta perhaps?)
Terrain's delicate Russian Tulips necklace.
And my new favourite thing - CameraBag Desktop. Easy, economical, and a fun way to play about with images.

Have a lovely weekend!

Images from Sessun, Camper, Gaping Void, Gilt, jessica jensen, terrain, heimat, and me.

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