Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Hello, and a belated Happy Friday. Thank you for all your kind comments, and for the New York tips! I feel humbled (and quite delighted) that you take the time to visit Elsa May and I love reading your comments. Did you have a good week? Ours went by in a bit of a blur. Two highlights were horse riding here, and seeing the boy's class rehearse their production of The Sound of Music. Oooh and we had a teeny tiny bit of snow earlier in the week! Do you have weekend plans? We're planning to do nothing-much-at-all, a perfect weekend. Here's what:nots for this week - I hope you like them.

Soft blues from Marie Claire Italia.

Pretty paper hearts from the pages and pages of loveliness that is It's Mary Ruffle (via Contented Me).

How many hand-drawn giraffes would you like? One, two or 102? Jason Polan let's you choose. Hop on over to Jason's website, he has several nifty projects including the covetable MoMA Book. (Thanks to Lisa who featured Jason's work).

Speaking of covetable books, Jennifer Causey's book Simply Paris is simply wonderful.

Timeless ballerina flats from Mi Piaci.

Toast's hammam towels - so versatile and such a great blue.

A pretty little vintage tin by Hindsvik. I'm trying very hard to leave it where it is.

And my new food obsession - Sahale snacks - scrumptious-ness in a pack.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. I adore those paper hearts :) xoxo

  2. Annie, everything in this week's what:nots has made me feel a little bit better with my flu, they put a lovely smile on my face.
    Thank you

  3. Having a lovely catchup on your blog. Love your what nots this week. Those paper hearts are gorgeous! Hope your week is going well. Amanda


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