Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Happy friday! How was your week? With the boys off for spring break ours was very laid back which was really nice. We pottered about, made sour candies (yuerk!), explored, read books (I loved The Help), did puzzles, and generally did not very much at all. I'm now starting to think I need to get organised for next week and our trip to NYC. Yikes! Here's this week's colourful-ish what:nots... the image above is an old Kate Spade ad that I included 'cos I love it so much.

Pretty pinks and red lips from Tuleh.

Crocheted garlands from Wood & Wool Stool.

Preppy little ballet flats from Maloles.

A perfect white tee by American Vintage. The sunglasses are great too!

A great use for portable clay pots.

Love these retro cowboys and indians from Saison.
I hope you have a fab weekend!

ps: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution premieres tonight on ABC.

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