Monday, March 29, 2010

A soggy Monday...

My oh my! Portland has bit hit by a deluge. Surely the clouds have run out of rain by now? Anyhoo how was your weekend? Ours was...well to be honest it was a little scratchy. Turtle, Mu and me were all feeling a little bit this side of cantankery. Dear R was really rather patient. Thank goodness we seem to have shaken off our scratchiness just in time for this week's super-duper exciting expedition to NYC. Whoohoo!! 

Image from Jennifer Squires.


  1. Seems like the sogginess has come to visit us too...grey and miserable with rain all day today...but plenty of sunshine here in blog land :)

  2. Don't worry Annie, it is wet here in Sydney as well.
    Bring on NY.

  3. I'm glad to know the scratchiness subsided. are in NY now. Hope you are having fun!


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