Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grassroots soccer...

Jessica Hilltout spent seven months traveling across Africa documenting the continent's love of soccer. The photographs of her journey are spell-binding, as is the story of the people she met. "So many people have so  much and do so little with it," she said. "The people I met had so little, yet managed to do so much with it." Hop over here to read an interview, and here to have a peek at the book of her travels. And her quote below is so true. 
"I have always been interested in the poetic character of the small, seemingly unimportant things.To me, there is hidden beauty in the ordinary and great beauty in the overlooked."

Image from Jessica Hilltout, quote from NY Times.


  1. Perfect quote. I completely agree. I'll be back for the links. Right now, I must stop my belly rumbling...


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